There is a legend that foretells a land where all things can come true. A land where imagination is free to create the heart's desires. Passage to this land is simple, all you have to do is close your eyes and fall asleep.

Dreamland was created so that the dreamers could do anything or be anything. Twilight Fairies maintain Dreamland and ensure that each dreamer has the best possible dream.

The best of the Twilight Fairies would find a way to fight back, they would recruit the best dreamers (children) to help in the war for dreams. They would give the chosen dreamers (P’JAMERZ) magical powers to transform and harness the abilities of animals via their pajamas.
For centuries dreams were the playground of the mind, where the best of one's imagination would be explored.

All this would come to an end when a rogue fairy sought to corrupt dreamworld and induce fear into the heart of dreamers. This Twilight would be reborn as Knightmare and he would twist dreams into things of shadows and fright.